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Unplanned downtime costs companies 11% of their yearly turnover.

SilverDrill enables easy condition monitoring of critical industrial environments and optimizes the workflows surrounding them. Effectively securing business continuity, maintenance efficiency, and compliance.

Our Solutions

SilverDrill presents a modular approach to condition monitoring on both asset monitoring and the work processes surrounding them. Both our sensor solution and our workflow system can be customized without coding, and they integrate easily with existing systems and infrastructure.


We meet our clients at eye level and can add complex services, analytics, and predictive maintenance when ROI can be documented.

Condition monitoring of critical assets

Our modular sensor platform is designed to be sensor-agnostic, making it easy to add or remove sensors as needed without complex rewiring or reconfiguration. With its offline-first capability, businesses can access important machine diagnostics even when connectivity is lost. The platform's customizable operations system allows for fast and seamless integration with existing systems, making it a true end-to-end sensor solution. 


  • Sensor agnostic and can be retrofitted on any critical asset.

  • Intelligent sensor nodes can do local computing and optimize data upload 

  • Can establish a private network and operate without connectivity.

  • Integrates with existing technologies

Workflow optimization and compliance

Our workflow system enables clients to automate their work processes and increase efficiency by providing a visual representation of the workflow, allowing for easy tracking of tasks, and ensuring that tasks are completed in a timely manner.


  • A customizable dashboard provides management with an overview and reporting tools.

  • Alerts can be set up to notify of thresholds, events, or deadlines, ensuring that tasks are not overlooked. 

  • Training and sharing of best practices as it ensures that all field operators are aware of the processes and procedures they need to follow. 

  • Inspection and compliance register how the asset is being used/maintained and if it’s in accordance with regulatory requirements. 


By utilizing a workflow system with alerts, work processes, training, inspection, and compliance, businesses can improve their efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Third-party integrations

SilverDrill applies an open approach and integrates easily with third-party systems and applications. In addition to our workflow solution, we can offer additional visual depictions  like SCADA and management dashboards

We have experience working with a wide range of sensors, vibration, current, pressure, flow, temperature, humidity, PH, GPS etc., and our solutions are supporting business-critical environments in utilities, pharmaceuticals, food, and hospitality.

About Us

SilverDrill is a technology company founded by experienced industry professionals who saw the need for a flexible and powerful sensor platform and workflow system in the industrial sector. Our modular solution includes sensor-agnostic edge nodes that provide machine diagnostics both offline and online, and a customizable operations system that allows for fast custom development and integration with existing systems.

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