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SiverDrill is an end-to-end provider of flexible sensor solutions. Our solutions include a range of services, but we can also offer these services on individual bases.


End-to-end sensor solution

Our sensor-agnostic monitoring platform deploys in any environment as a retrofitted or integrated service. SilverDrill can work with any sensor type on the market and collect and transmit data via various communication protocols - real-time and asynchronous data collection. The platform can also aggregate data from third-party sensors and translate and communicate the aggregated results to existing client databases.


Workflow management system

Our workflow solution and mobile app can be tailored to optimize workflow and compliance for field operators in any environment, from automation technicians in a production environment to maintenance teams in utility operations or service teams in the food industry. The solution will optimize scheduling, improve workflow efficiency, and ensure constant readiness for inspection. 


Customized dashboards

SilverDrill can offer several dashboard and app solutions appropriate for the use case, and we can custom-develop these to meet specific client needs and workflows. The platform is also prepared for easy integration with standardized dashboard solutions like GIS and SCADA systems.


Professionel services

SilverDrill offers independent consulting services as part of holistic solution implementation or as a service disconnected from SilverDrill's other offerings. Our experts have decades of experience in IIoT, embedded IT, and complex software solutions and can provide professional advice on the strategy and implementation of complex monitoring solutions. 

Get in Touch

Contact us to discuss how we can help secure operational peace of mind for your critical installations. 

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